Bryan & Liz's Photos: Blog en-us (C) Bryan & Liz's Photos (Bryan & Liz's Photos) Sun, 01 Oct 2017 15:15:00 GMT Sun, 01 Oct 2017 15:15:00 GMT Bryan & Liz's Photos: Blog 120 90 Disney Springs- Family Time Before Allison went back to NC we met up at Disney Springs for dinner.  She had made reservations at Planet Hollywood.  I love this restaurant!  I love the big screen that turns into an aquarium or shows rock videos.  It's just so fun!


For dinner I got the pulled pork sandwich and Bryan got the LA lasagna.  Both were really good.  I took a bite of his.  For dessert we shared the banana pudding.

After dinner we walked around.  Elizabeth wanted to go to the Lego store and Allison wanted to go to the Trader Pin store.  

We had pictures taken together at the PhotoPass studio.

They were leaving the next morning so they called it an early night.  Bryan and I stayed a little longer.  It was really good seeing them.  I am so glad that they came down!

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Epcot- Family Time One thing I find so fun about being an annual passholder is when friends and family come down we are able to meet them and share a little of their vacations with them.  Back in June Wayne, Suzanna, Jesse, and Pat were here and Bryan was able to meet them and spend an evening with them at Disney Springs.  So when my cousin Allison and her boyfriend Drew told me they were coming to Disney for vacation, I knew that we would meet up.  So this past Wednesday I met them at Epcot.  We had so much fun.  I got to meet Elizabeth, Drew's daughter.  She is so sweet! 

Spaceship EarthSpaceship Earth

When I got there they were preparing to ride Frozen so I waited for them to ride it.  Allison had made reservations for dinner at Rose & Crown.  I had the shepard's pie.  It was good!  For dessert she and I shared an english triffle.  After dinner we had pictures taken together.

I rode a few rides with them.  Gran Fiesta Tour, Spaceship Earth, and Soarin'.

We stayed for the show IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.

We left after the show.  It had been a long day for them. 

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Hollywood Studios- The Great Movie Ride This past Sunday we headed over to Hollywood Studios to ride The Great Movie Ride for the last time.  They are closing it in a week and it will be changed to a different ride.  We had fast passes to other rides so we made a fun day out of it.

Here we are in front of ToT.

We rode Aerosmith's Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.

We saw Frozen Sing A Long for the first time.  It was really cute.  I videoed a lot of it.

I had a slight panic attack on ToT.  I actually started crying.  The last time we rode it we ended up in one of the bad elevator cars.  It dropped too much and I didn't like it.  This time around wasn't so bad.  I really don't like this ride anymore.  I use to love it when I was younger.  But I ride it because Bryan loves it.

ride pictureride picture

Finally it was The Great Movie ride.  We didn't get Fast passes to this because they were all gone.  We waited in line about 30 minutes.  I videoed the entire ride. At the end of the ride in the theater we were informed that the ride had broke down and that we were going to have to get off there and walk out a side door.  So I took pictures of the last room we would have went through.  I am glad that we got on it when we did.  

Dinner was at Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater.  The food here isn't great.  But the ambiance is nice.  I had shrimp pasta which was good.  Bryan had the NY strip and it just wasn't that great.  Just a thin piece of meat with no seasoning.  He should have gotten the burger but he had just eaten a burger the day before.  Bryan got a milk shake and I got a glowing Coke (they put a glowing plastic ice cube in it).


After dinner we caught the Star Wars show but by then my phone was dead so no pictures.  It was just nice to sit back and watch it.

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Magic Kingdom- New Magic Shots This past Saturday we went to Magic Kingdom to get some of the new magic shots.  

I got us a few fast passes and our first was Peter Pan.  I am not sure why this ride always has a really long line.  The only thing we can figure is that it's a classic ride.  It's a cute ride but nothing great.

Our next stop was to get a drink that I had read about on Facebook, LeFou's Brew at Gaston's.  It didn't disappoint!  It was delicious and very refreshing on such a hot day.  

We stopped for pictures and our first magic shot was Lumiere.  So cute!

Our next stop was Sebastian!  So fun!

We also had our pictures taken with Pooh and Tigger!  Tigger loved that Bryan was wearing orange.  

We stopped for dinner at Pecos Bill and had nachos.  I had a break down in this restaurant as it was one of my mother's favorites.  I just had a flood of emotions.  I wish that she had been there eating nachos with us.

After dinner we headed over to mine train.  This is one of out favorites and we hadn't been able to get fast passes for awhile.  It's hit or miss with this ride on getting FP.    

We rode the people mover before deciding to ride Tomorrowland Speedway.  It's not a fast ride but it was fun and made us laugh.

Bryan's drivingBryan's driving

We ended the night with Space Mountain.  I actually got to ride in the front for the first time.  It is a whole different experience!  You can't see anything in front of you and it appears that you are dropping off into nothing.  It makes it much more fun. 

riding Space Mountainriding Space Mountain

We still weren't able to catch the new show, Happily Ever After.  But we did catch Once Upon a Time.  I videoed the whole show.  Bryan got us a frozen lemonade from Casey's and we just relaxed while the park emptied.  It always takes such a long time to get out of this park.

fountain & Castlefountain & Castle

We took the monorail over to the parking lot and the lines for the trams were so long.  We decided to walk to our car which surprisingly wasn't as far away as we thought.  I can't wait until fall/winter gets here.  This park is much more tolerable when it's not so hot.  

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4th of July at Epcot We decided to spend 4th of July at Epcot.  So after getting finished with all the moving stuff and car stuff in Jacksonville we headed over to Epcot.  I don't think I will ever get tired of this view.

4th of July at Epcot4th of July at Epcot

We always have to stop for pictures.  I loved the photo prop!

We rode Universe of Energy because rumor has it that this ride will be closing next month.  It's not one of my favorites but I did want to ride it one last time.

Universe of EnergyUniverse of Energy

We got a pleasant surprise to see Figment in one of our pictures.  


They had a photographer in America.  That was a first for us.  It made for a nice back drop for the holiday.  

I finally got fast passes to Frozen.  I was so excited!  It was worth the wait!  I loved it!  I just hate that our ride picture didn't turn out.  I wasn't visible at all and the photo was foggy.  I guess we'll just have to ride it again.  

Unfortunately we did not get to see the fireworks because we had dinner reservations at Coral Reef.  We were seated at a table right along the aquarium.  So we had a really nice view.  

For dinner we got a prix fixe meal.  For the first course I got the heirloom tomato salad. 

my tomato saladmy tomato salad

Bryan got the seasonal house salad.

Bryan's house saladBryan's house salad

Both of us got the shrimp and grits.  They were delicious!  I absolutely love shrimp and grits and order it whenever its on a menu.  

we both ordered shrimp and gritswe both ordered shrimp and grits

For dessert we both got the the chocolate wave.  Yum!!

The Chocolate Wave for dessertThe Chocolate Wave for dessert

The park was closed by the time we finished dinner but they still had a photographer out front so we took a night time picture in front of spaceship earth.  It is so beautiful at night.

We had a great 4th!  I couldn't think of a better place to celebrate our America's birthday.

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Moved....Finally! We had to be out of our apartment in Jacksonville by July 3.  We started moving on Saturday June 24 and it did not go as planned.  The movers came as scheduled and moved the little bit of furniture that we had left to storage.  We were not as happy with them this go around as we were the first time.  They seemed in a hurry and not as careful.  Then expected a about NO!  When the movers left we accessed our storage units situation and felt like we were going to need another one.  We have way too much stuff but we will own a home again and I don't want to get rid of anything until we purchase our house.  Talking to the storage manager she offered us a larger unit which we took.  So instead of using our first day to actually move, we had to move storage units.  We did manage to combine both of our units into one...

combined our two storage units into onecombined our two storage units into one

After getting all of this done which took about 14 hours, we started on getting everything else in our apartment moved.  We rented our own truck on Monday and had to make a couple of trips and keep it a couple of extra days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).  We were so tired!  I often don't know how we survive some of these days.  We moved with absolutely no help except what the movers helped with.  

The next weekend, Saturday July 1 was getting the G back running and on the road.  That took ALL day.  We finally got her rims on, suspension adjusted, and went to crank her and she was dead.  Unfortunately Bryan had to go back to work so we just had to leave her until Tuesday.  I went back to Jacksonville on Sunday and purchased a battery for the car, got yet another small storage unit for Bryan's car parts, changed the car battery, and moved things over to the storage unit.  I FINALLY got everything done and did a little apartment cleaning.  

On July 4th we got up early and drove to Jacksonville to bring the G home.  She ran fine and made it to Orlando safely. Even with an illegal license plate!

Whew!  What a week!  I am so glad that is over.  Now it's time to get settled into our jobs and work on buying that house!


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Animal Kingdom June 2017 This past Wednesday Bryan got off of work early.  He came home and said he wanted to go to Animal Kingdom and see Pandora World of Avatar.  On the way there it really started raining.  We almost turned around but instead we grabbed my umbrella out of my car and decided to make the best of it.  And boy are we glad that we did.  The lines in Pandora were doable.  

Pandora is absolutely beautiful!  My pictures do not do it justice.  I want to take my camera on a nice sunny day and get some better photos.  I hardly ever take my camera to Disney at all anymore.  I only take my iPhone.

We first rode Na'vi River Journey.  It was gorgeous!

Next we got in line for Avatar Flight of Passage.  We only had to wait about 45 minutes.  We got very lucky as this ride can typically have a several hour wait line.  It did not disappoint.  It was one of the best rides that we have ridden in a long time.  We cannot wait to ride it again.

We love grabbing different kinds of drinks from the parks.  I had heard about a drink from Pongu Pongu called Night Blossom.  It has a glowing Unadelta Seed in it.  So we glowed!  Anyhow the drink is a mixture of limeade with apple and desert pear topped with passion fruit Boba Balls.  It was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!!!

The Photopass Photographers were out and about. 

A fun magic shot.

The Tree of Life was also lit up and had animation.  Every so often animals would run across it.  It was so neat.  Tree of LifeTree of Life

This was our first time being at Animal Kingdom after dark.  When we came to Disney in 2010 long before moving here Animal Kingdom closed around 1700.  It was never open after dark.  They now have a river light show which we still have not seen.  So much still to do.  Pandora was great and we cannot wait to spend some more time in this park!

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Disney Springs and Seeing Old Friends This past Monday we went over to Disney Springs to spend the evening.  We did a little shopping and listened to some music.  I bought a princess frame for Echo, another frame for us, and Mickey & Minnie mugs.  We also went over the Photopass Studio and did some more pictures.

Last night Bryan went back over to Disney Springs to see Wayne, Suzanna, Jesse and Pat.  They were here on vacation.  Boy have we missed their friendship!  Especially me as I really regret allowing my temper to control my feelings.  It had been 3 years since Bryan had seen them and I hate that I had to work and didn't get to see them.  But fortunately we are all friends on Facebook again and I am hoping that I can repair some damage.  

wayne, Bryan, Suzanna, Jessewayne, Bryan, Suzanna, Jesse

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Job Interview at Viera This past Wednesday I had a job interview at Viera Hospital in Viera, FL.  This hospital is in the Health First system and is one of four hospitals.   I met with the manager Missy and the day shift tech Linda.  I was shown the department and ER.  The interview went very well.  They are a two bed lab which is just what I love.  I left with a good feeling.

Viera HospitalViera Hospital

Yesterday I got the call and was offered the job.  I am so excited!  Orientation is July 3.  I am so ready to get out of Jacksonville.  This drive back on the weekends is already getting very old.  So I'll be putting in my notice at UF and my last day will be June 23.  

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Memorial Day 2017 at Magic Kingdom We celebrated Memorial Day this year at Magic Kingdom.  I wore my Captain America shirt which I thought was fitting for the occasion.  

We started our day off by riding The Peoplemover.  We need to remember this ride when we need to get off our feet and just relax.

We got Fastpasses to Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.  This is always a good fun competitive ride.  Bryan beat me of course.


We also rode Under the Sea Journey of the Little Mermaid.  I am a little confused as to why there is one of these at Hollywood Studios as well.  Next time we are over that way I am going to ride it to see if it's the same or different.  I know that we had ridden it before at HS but I can't remember it.

We headed next to The Haunted Mansion.  But first we had to get Bryan a blue raspberry slush from Pinocchio Haus.  His favorite!

Haunted MansionHaunted Mansion

I have been seeing these lantern pictures from Tangled on Facebook so we definitely had to wait around for this.  

Lantern pics at Rapunzel TowerLantern pics at Rapunzel Tower

Because of the Tangled lantern picture only being done at night we missed getting a good view of the new Happily Ever After show.  It has replaced Wishes.  So my pictures weren't good.  We'll have to catch this show another time and get there early. 

Before we called it a night we went over and rode Pirates of the Caribbean.  Always a fun one!

Pirates of the Caribbean picsPirates of the Caribbean pics

My purchase for the day was the new Dooney & Bourke magicband and the new Annual Passholders Dooney purse.  I love them both!  So thankful for our discounts and that I am able to get things at a reduced cost.  

Dooney AP bagDooney AP bag

We had a great Memorial Day holiday and we never once forgot those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Those that never lived to see fun times such as Disney.  I think about those men and women sometimes.  How young they were when they died serving our country and the things that they missed out on.  Their sacrifice is much appreciated and not forgotten!   

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Moving Day Bryan started his new job this past Monday.  He went down on Sunday and got our keys to the new apartment.  The movers aren't coming to move our furniture until Tuesday so he had to sleep on an air mattress for a couple of days.

I stayed in Jacksonville and met the movers on Tuesday.  Everything went pretty smooth.  They moved all of our furniture with the exception of our kitchen table, chairs, computer desk, and grandfather clock.  Those will unfortunately have to go into storage until we can buy a house.  They got everything set up and I love how everything fit perfect.  This apartment is smaller but the layout makes it feel bigger.  I am not even going to take pictures until everything is put away and in it's place.  

The cats cried the whole drive down.  But they settled in quickly.  They seem to like the apartment.  Snickers loves the porch but surprisingly Echo wants nothing to do with it.  I hope that changes as she gets more comfortable.

I will be staying in Jacksonville on the weekends to work until I can find a job closer or in Orlando.  So I took the air mattress back with me on Thursday.  I am also loading the car up with small things and clothes to help with the process.  We have to be out of our apartment in Jacksonville by June 30 so we will rent a truck then to get stuff moved to storage and to to get the rest of our things to Orlando.

It's weird having to drive back and forth for now but I am hoping to get a job very soon!

moving Mon, 29 May 2017 14:45:00 GMT
HR Stuff & Hollywood Studios This past Tuesday we went to Orlando to take care of Bryan's HR stuff.  He had to do some paperwork and get his badge.  

Bryan's badgeBryan's badge

Everything is official!

We also drove over to the hospital so we could find the parking deck and the room where his orientation will take place.  I was amazed at how large the hospital is.

Florida HospitalFlorida Hospital

After all the HR stuff and finding where he needs to be we headed to Hollywood Studios.  BB8 is now making appearances and I wanted my picture taken with him and also Bryan has been wanting to see Fantasmic.  So the first thing we did was head over to Star Wars Launch Bay to meet BB8.  He was adorable and asked me if I was from Tatooine.  He said my shirt looked like his planet.  LOL!

We also had our picture taken with Chewbacca again.  

We always try to hit up Star Tours because there are so many different versions.  We got a different one this time.  We ate dinner at Fairfax Faire.  We split empanadas and a loaded baked potato.  

Fantasmic was really good.  I ended up videoing a majority of it because with it being a laser and light show it was harder to take pictures.  But I loved the end when all of the characters came out on a boat.

After Fantasmic we shopped a little then had to call it a night and get back to Jacksonville.

Its going to be amazing living in Orlando and being able to just go the parks when we want to.  I am also looking forward to not having to drive 2 hours back after such a long day.  Moving day is coming up soon!!

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Apartment Shopping & Disney Springs This past Tuesday we headed to Orlando to apartment hunt.  We had made a list of 5 places that we wanted to see.  We actually only saw 3.  One we didn't make it to and the other one ended up not being open.  The first place that we saw was Nine12 Gateway in Altamonte Springs.  The complex itself was really nice and the floor plans were great.  I didn't like the tub surrounds though.  They were plastic.  The second place that we saw was The Courtney at Lake Shadow.  This complex was nice and on a lake however the apartment that would have been ours looked out over the trash container and someone's house.  That caused us a little concern for noise issues.  The floor plans were also nice but the bathroom countertops were formica.  The third and last place we saw was Elan Audubon Park in downtown Orlando.  This place was AMAZING!  It's the same company that originally had our current complex.  We looked at a few floor plans but actually fell in love with the 2 bedroom/2 bathroom on the first floor.  Its so spacious and has very large closets.  This kitchen is amazing!!  I might can actually get some of my things out of storage.   


This is the living room.  It's not huge but it's enough and will fit our big TV stand and living room suit (that we hope to replace in the near future).

living roomliving room

Both of the bedrooms are great size and each have a huge bathroom.  Also both bedrooms have walk in closets.  One for me and one for Bryan.  One of the biggest selling points for us was this wrap around screened in porch.  It's so pretty and the cats are going to love it.  We are going to put our rockers on one side and buy a table and chairs for the other.  It's so quiet and overlooks a preserve.  Hopefully now we can enjoy some quiet time out there and not listen to 6 lanes of traffic.  We also loved the fact that there isn't a stitch of carpet in this place.  Our allergies will hopefully love that.

screened in wrap around porchscreened in wrap around porch wrap around porchwrap around porch

So we really didn't need to look any further and chose this as our new place.  Move in day is May 20.

After apartment hunting we went to Disney Springs for the evening.  Some new parts had opened since we had been there last.  We stopped off at the Coca Cola store and had our picture taken with the bear.  We also enjoyed a very delicious cherry coke float. 

fun with coca cola bearfun with coca cola bear

We walked around and saw some of the new stores.  I couldn't help myself and purchased another charm for my Pandora bracelet.  They finally came out with a Tigger charm.  Next we decided to try out the new Photopass Studio.  I loved the different backgrounds.  Unfortunately I wasn't real happy with my pictures.  Another symptom of my female problems that I am having is abdominal swelling so by the time those pictures were taken I was swollen.  In them I look pregnant.  I really need to get that procedure done but just don't want to go through it right now.

Beauty and the BeastBeauty and the Beast

We had dinner reservations at the new Planet Hollywood Observatory.  The atmosphere was great.  And the most fun thing ever was when the whole restaurant did a Let it Go sing a long.  Love some Frozen!  Our appetizer was 5 cheese dip.

five cheese dipfive cheese dip

I ordered the Bacon Mac n Cheese burger and it was so good! 

my bacon mac n cheese burgermy bacon mac n cheese burger

Bryan ordered the American Kobe burger.  He said it was amazing!  Both of these burgers are Guy Fieri inspirations so we knew they would be awesome.

Bryan's kobe burgerBryan's kobe burger

The desserts are very similar to the ones at the Toothsome Chocolate Factory at Universal.  They are just too much so we passed on it but we did enjoy seeing them come out to other tables.

For dessert we got a cupcake out of the Sprinkles ATM.  We got the marshmallow.  It was a little dry for my taste.


After our cupcake we called it a night.  It had been a really long day.

Disney Springs Florida Orlando Fri, 12 May 2017 03:15:00 GMT
Another New Adventure I really wanted to title this God is good when you have faith.  But that's too long! Because of God's grace and our willingness to rely on Him we are facing yet another Florida adventure.  Bryan and I have really had a rough time with this separation.  I was hoping to find a job quickly so we could start a life in the Tampa area and move on.  That just seemed to never happen.  I applied to what was available then all of sudden the job board dried up. 

On one of my many trips from Land O Lakes back to Jacksonville Bryan informed me that he jokingly applied for a 3D imaging job with Florida Hospital Orlando.  He told me that he'd never get it in a million years but he thought he'd just apply for it anyway.  I agreed that it never hurt.  Well amazingly enough they called him for a telephone interview.  It went well.  They next called him for references so we had to scramble around and get people to do an online survey for him.  Then they called him for an in house interview.  He drove to Orlando on Saturday April 22 for his interview.  He called me on his way back to Tampa and said that he thought it had gone very well. 

We didn't hear back from them and things were really bad.  Bryan was having a hard time with his job.  They were a very busy hospital with no intentions of getting any help.  He was wearing down mentally and honestly so was I.  So after talking to my Dad and going over our finances, we decided that it was time for Bryan to stop working.  I called him and told him that we would get a cheaper apartment and that he could just come home.  We all agreed it was for the best. 

So he put in his notice on Wednesday the 26th and on the way home from work Florida Hospital called to offer him the job.  We couldn't believe it.  We had decided to surrender everything and to just live very minimally on my salary.  Not trying to analyze it too much but I think God was saying...what are you willing to sacrifice?  My marriage is first and foremost in my life.  No one or nothing comes before Bryan.  Every decision that we make is for the better of us and our lives.  I was not going to live separate from him anymore no matter what.  So Bryan went ahead and quit his job there and didn't work out the notice.  He decided to come home and spend 3 weeks with me before its off to Orlando.  I am so proud of him.  This job will be amazing.  It's an office job reconstructing CT and MRI for all of the east hospitals.  It involves no patient care, no ER, no physical wear!  It's all computer work.  And the best shift!  No more nights!  He's a little nervous but I think he'll do fine.  After all this is God's doing.


Moving New Job Tue, 09 May 2017 00:30:00 GMT
Clearwater Beach I took a day off of work to spend with Bryan since we are on opposite schedules.  So this past Saturday we went to Clearwater Beach to see the sunset.  We don't see sunsets over the water on the east coast, only sunrises.  The view driving over to Clearwater Beach was really pretty.  There were places to park and walk along the gulf but we didn't.  I was too excited to actually see the beach.

Our first time seeing the gulf!  The beach is really pretty!  I love the ocean front boardwalk.

We walked along the beach and it was a cold day!  You could tell which people were southerners and which were Yankees.  The southerners were all wrapped up in coats and blankets. The Yankees were in the water.  Brrrrr!

We watched a really cool street acrobatic show before watching the sunset.  The sunset was absolutely breathtaking!

After the sun went down we walked on the pier.  They were having a craft fair going on so there was lots of neat things to see.

For dinner we decided to eat at Crabby's Dockside.  We really knew nothing about it except they had built a new restaurant at the marina.  The building is gorgeous!

Our service and food was excellent.  We had the Shrimp Mancini as our appetizer.  I ordered the fried shrimp and Bryan got the lobster.

After dinner we took a walk along the main strip then back around to the boardwalk.  All in all we really liked Clearwater Beach.  It's definitely a place that I would love to vacation at.  There seems to be a lot of fun things to do and see. 

We hated to call it a night but I had to be back in Jacksonville for work.  It really gets harder and harder to leave Bryan.  I hope we are together again very soon. 

Clearwater Beach Florida Mon, 10 Apr 2017 23:45:00 GMT
Land O Lakes Bryan found an apartment in Land O Lakes.  He moved in March 4.  


It's a little far from work.  It takes him about 45 minutes at night to get to work but with morning traffic it takes him about an hour and a half to get home.  We aren't going to move any furniture down yet so he's making due with a blow up mattress.  With the lease they gave him a $500 gift card and a TV.  I went down before he moved in and had the electricity cut on and called and had the TV hooked up with cable.  So when he moved in that Saturday everything would be ready to go.  So far he seems to like it.  It's a very nice apartment.  It just makes me nervous that we now have 2 rents.  But the apartment in Jacksonville will be up soon. 

Florida Land O Lakes New Apartment Mon, 06 Mar 2017 05:45:00 GMT
Bryan's New Job Since we were told by the Union rep that Bryan's case against UF could take up to 15 months, we knew Bryan would have to look for other jobs.  He has been applying and has gotten several interviews but nothing panned out.  He interviewed at a hospital in Spring Hill, FL on January 31.  They offered him the job a couple of weeks later.  We went down there on February 15 for his HR stuff.  We know this will be hard on us since it's a 3 hour drive from Jacksonville and I don't know when I'll be able to get a job.  But right now we need to be able to pay our bills. 

He started working on February 20.  The first week was rough for him because it was day shift.  Too many people working  and it was stressful to him.  They moved him to 3rd shift and so far that has been better.

Oak Hill Hospital.

Oak Hill HospitalOak Hill Hospital

His new badge.

Bryan's badgeBryan's badge

I went down to see him on February 22.  Right now he is staying in a hotel so I went down to see if I could find him something to rent.  We had contacted a real estate agent but everything she showed me was just not to our liking.  So for now he's going to stay in the hotel a little longer.  We ate dinner at Bonefish before I had to head back to Jacksonville.  I hope that I can find a job soon and this separation doesn't last too long.

Florida New Job Oak Hill Hospital Sat, 25 Feb 2017 05:45:00 GMT
Valentine's Day 2017 For Valentine's Day this year I made reservations at The Capital Grille.

heading to dinnerheading to dinner

dinner at Capital Grilledinner at Capital Grille

Bryan and I had a great meal.  For appetizers I had the tomato caprese salad and Bryan had the brussel sprout salad.  Both were delicious!  For our entrees I had the filet mignon and Bryan had lobster.  We shared a side of brussel sprouts cooked in aged balsamic.  For dessert we had creme brûlée.  

Bryan with Harry the lobsterBryan with Harry the lobster

Dinner was so good and it was the most we had ever spent on a meal....just over $200.  It was definitely a treat for us!

Bryan got me a pair of diamond earrings since I lost one of mine at Disney.  They are so pretty!

new diamond earrings from Bryannew diamond earrings from Bryan

Valentine's Day Sun, 19 Feb 2017 04:45:00 GMT
Bryan's Aunt Gail Bryan's half sister Karen let us know this week that Bryan's Aunt Gail had died.  Bryan has been estranged from his Dad's side for 15 years now.  It still hurt him to hear about her death.  Some things are just final. 

Bryan's aunt GailBryan's aunt GailScreenshot page 2page 2Screenshot

Karen also let us know that there were pictures on her obituary of him, his Dad, his grandparents.  So I went on there and "stole" some of the pictures.  One thing Bryan doesn't have is pictures of his family.

Here is one I took of Bryan with his Dad and his Aunt.

Bryan's Dad & auntBryan's Dad & aunt


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Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios This past Tuesday we decided to spend the day at Animal Kingdom then head over to Hollywood Studios and catch the Star Wars show that we missed last time. The weather in January is just gorgeous.  We didn't have to worry about being hot or uncomfortable.  It was perfect!

The park was not busy at all.  We rode Everest a couple of times.  Bryan lost his hat on Everest trying to get it out of the bin.  It flipped over and fell into the tracks.  Unfortunately it was unable to be retrieved.  Since it was a Disney hat that they still had customer service replaced it.  We were so happy!

us riding Everestus riding Everest

Dinosaur was a lot of fun!

us riding Dinosaurus riding Dinosaur

We also saw It's Tough to be a Bug and rode Primeval Whirl.

We also did the Kilimanjaro Safaris.  We got to see the two newest babies born....a giraffe and elephant.

baby giraffebaby giraffe baby elepantbaby elepant

Next we drove over to Hollywood Studios.  

JANUARY- Hollywood StudiosJANUARY- Hollywood Studios

The only thing that we really wanted to ride was Aerosmith's Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.  It was closed last time.

riding Rockin Rollercoasterriding Rockin Rollercoaster

We also rode Star Tours and caught Muppet Vision 3D since we also missed it last time.

Then it was time for Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular.  This show was amazing!

Before we left we happened to walk by and see that Mickey and Minnie were out for pictures.

Hollywood Minnie & Sorcerer Mickey!

For dinner we drove back into Orlando and stopped at Red Robin. We don't have one in Jacksonville and I miss their food.  As always it was so good and I tried one of the limited time only South Beach Wine & Food burgers.  

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