Bryan's Birthday Weekend- Thursday

December 03, 2010  •  Leave a Comment

Bryan's birthday was Thursday.  we are all weekend celebrators!

Several things went on on his birthday. First off he wanted the new Apple TV. For those not familiar this hooks to your tv and you can stream shows, movies, pictures from your computer, iTunes, etc. We already have the old version that has the hard drive in it but he wanted the new one. So that's what I got him!

Bare with me here because I have to back up. Back in November our 6 year old Sony plasma in our master bedroom died. We had two of these TVs. One was silver (master bedroom) and one was black (living room). We are bedroom watchers so when our silver one died, we moved the one from the living room into the bedroom. This meant no TV in the living room. This was kind of tough because when I cooked I couldn't listen to TV. We ate dinner in our bedroom at TV dinner trays. It got old quickly. In the meantime, we shopped around. We knew we wanted to stick with Sony so we went on their website and found one that we liked. Best Buy didn't have this particular TV in stock and not on display. But we went ahead and ordered the metallic stand with speakers because we knew it was what we wanted. So happens that Thursday night Bryan wants to run over to HHGregg. We never go over there. Just so happens they have the TV we want in stock and on display. They also approved us for their credit card (bad I know, but we don't have that many cards). So we got it! It was on sale! They had it bundled with a FREE Playstation 3 (which we didn't have, but wanted) and the 3D kit (not keeping, that's going up on Ebay).

Here is Bryan reading the manual on how to connect it to the metallic base.

This is what is looks like on our stand all hooked up. We went from a 42" plasma to a 55" LCD LED. Huge culture shock because the two types of TVs have a different picture. I am slowly getting use to it.

our new TV set living room with new TV I am just happy to have noise back in the living room! Money we didn't want to spend right now but I know things break. Just bad timing!

After the TV purchase Bryan wanted to eat Mexican so I took him to our favorite dive, Rio Grande. All in all I think he had a really good birthday. But it's not over yet!


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