Jesse's 3rd Birthday Party

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Wayne & Suzanna had Jesse's birthday party yesterday at the church community building.  The party was going great with lots of good finger foods.  All of the kids decided that they wanted to go outside and play on the playground.  Next thing we all know everyone comes running back in and said Makenzie fell off the seesaw.  This poor child comes in with both her ulna and radius completely broken!  Bryan (being a CT tech ) helped keep her calm while an ambulance was called.  I rubbed her leg and talked to her and we both explained to her how fun the ambulance ride would be and how she'd have this cool cast everyone will able to sign.  She was such a trooper!  If my arm looked like that (all bent), I would have passed out!  Jesse's grandma rode on the ambulance to Cone Hospital since Makenzie was in her care.  We hate they both missed the party.  What's sad is the adult that was outside and Makenzie both stated that another child actually pulled her off the seesaw.  She did not fall.  Wayne & Suzanna are going to get to the bottom of it.  I just hope that it wasn't done intentionally.

So the party continued on:

Jesse loves to slide

sliding again

This was the first gift he opened!  He loves farm animals so he had to have this opened immediately.  He wouldn't touch another gift.  Then once opened he carried all the animals around with him.  It was funny! 

loving the farm animals

Thomas the Train cupcake cake

cupcake cake

Blowing out his "3" candle

candles out

He wouldn't sit down to eat his cupcake unless all of these gifts were with him.  We got him another train to go with his wooden Thomas track.  He loved it too

After the party we went over to their house to wait out the results on Makenzie.  Wayne & Bryan had to drive to Eden to pick Jesse's grandma up from Makenzie's house.  Fortunately they were able to set her arm and she didn't require surgery!


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