New Beginnings

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This past Thursday Bryan was offered a job at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte.  He accepted!  He has been unemployed since October 22 and he is so ready to go back to work.  I went with him to his interview two weeks ago and it is a HUGE place.  He felt really positive about the interview and the hospital in general.  I think he will be happy there.  Now the ball will really get rolling.  We have so much to do and so much to take care of.  We are moving to Charlotte....I can't believe it!  First thing is that I am submitting my resume on Monday.  I am praying that I get a job down there quick!  I do not want to live too many months apart from each other.  We have decided that Bryan will live in an Extended Stay hotel for awhile until I get a job and can come down full time.  For now I will stay up here, get the house packed up, and put in applications.

The first thing we have done to prepare for our new life is get a new car.  Bryan's car is a show car.  It's something he and my Dad have been tinkering with for about 2 years.  It's almost complete with only the new exhaust needing to be installed.  With that being said his car is not appropriate for everyday driving.  Most lots and decks it can't get into due to how low it is.  So, my Mom was gracious enough to finance a car for us.  Let's set the record straight.....I am not Mother did not buy it FOR me.  We ARE making the payments.  We are paying the insurance.  We are paying the tags and property tax.  We just can't have anything in our name right at this moment.  Anyhoo......Bryan decided he wanted a Nissan Juke.  Bryan didn't even know what a Juke was until he saw one Tuesday evening in the Walmart parking lot.  We went and looked at one that night!  I called Mom and she and Dad met us at Modern Nissan on Friday morning.  It all went smooth.  We love it!  It's in the same family as our Infinitis so I knew it would be a good quality car and one that would last us a really long time.  

sideside rearrear interiorinterior

It's so cute and it drives so good.  We really wanted something AWD so when it snows he can get to work without any problems.  I found out from an old classmate that lives down near Charlotte that they get snow about once every 5 years so we might not need the AWD.  Better safe than sorry, I guess.    


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