Back to Outer Banks- Day Two

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Before Bryan's interview at 10am we ate a good breakfast at the hotel.  I can honestly say that I am so thankful for hotels that have complimentary breakfast.  After getting the car packed up we headed over to the hospital.  

Bryan went on to his interview and I stayed in the lobby and read.  When Bryan came out with the HR rep I knew instantly that he was mad.  He was explaining to the HR lady how he felt his interview went down a path that was inappropriate.  His interview with the Radiologist went good and he felt like even though this doctor is difficult he could handle it.  What he was mad about was his peer interview.  The staff, instead of asking job related questions, asked him personal questions.  Bryan was basically told it sucked working and living in the Outer Banks. He was told that we couldn't afford to live there, groceries, gas, etc.  Bryan told them they apparently knew nothing about Greensboro and that he wasn't going to discuss what he did outside of work anymore.  When the HR lady heard all of this she wanted Bryan to report it to head of Radiology so he did.  She actually came out and apologized to me.  She told Bryan that her staff was a work in progress and that she didn't have the department where she wanted it.  All in all, we don't really know how it went.  It is either going to work for him or against him but I was glad that he stood up for himself.  They had 2 more interviews besides Bryan so we shall see.

After leaving the hospital we went to Jennette's Pier to watch a surfing competition and talk about things.  It was actually fun to watch.  It had been going on all week and they were down to the juniors.  It was the girls that we watched.

After leaving the competition we decided to look around at rental houses that I had found just in case.  One was in a lock gated community and we were not allowed in so we called the realtor that had it.  She met up with us and let us look inside.  We have discovered that renting will be a huge adjustment for us so hopefully it won't be for too long.  The houses are just so small.  Funny thing is while waiting for the realtor to meet us we checked out Walmart and Food Lion prices since, you know, we can't afford groceries.  Weird, same as Greensboro!  

We also drove out to a subdivision in Harbinger to look at the houses there.  This neighborhood reminded us more of home.  There were quite a few lots for sale that were reasonably priced.  We might have been jumping the gun on house looking but living 5 hours away we needed a plan if he is offered the job.

We ate dinner at The Black Pelican, another Triple D restaurant.  Bryan got the bacon wrapped scallops and I got the prime rib.  The food was outstanding!!  For dessert we shared a creme brulee.

After dinner we headed home but not before stopping off at one of the many 7 Elevens and getting a slurpee.  Oh how I wish we had those convenient stores here!


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