Vacation 2015- Day Three

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On Tuesday we went to Discovery Cove.  It was truly an amazing experience.  It didn't even feel like we were in Florida anymore.  It was very lush with vegetation and flowers.  It was a cloudy and rainy day but that didn't stop us one bit.  Besides we were there to get wet!  This was one of the first sights that we saw when we entered the park:

When we arrived at 0715 we ate breakfast.  This is an all inclusive park so all food and drinks are free.  The breakfast was buffet style.  We had eggs, bacon, potatoes, muffins, french toast, and juice.  

After breakfast we had an early appointment to swim with the dolphins.  This was a really fun experience and it was our first time swimming with these beautiful creatures.  I chose to swim with my dolphin in the shallow water while every one else swam out to the deep end.  I was a little embarrassed but our guide said that the dolphins were okay with swimming in deep or shallow water.  And I wasn't going to chance my experience being ruined because of my fear of the deep.  The water was very cold (at least it was for me) so I am thankful that they supply wetsuits.  Once again we purchased the photo package.  Here is us with our dolphin:


The aviary was a lot of fun.  They gave you cups with food in them and you went around feeding the birds.  They landed on you and ate until they had their fill.   

One of the most fun things ever was the Wind Away River.  It's kind of like a lazy river but more fun with deep sections and waterfalls.  You can choose to snorkel the whole thing although there isn't anything to see.  Or you can do like us and float with a noodle.  I have to admit the deep parts did scare me at first and the last waterfall was very scary.  It seemed to trap you in it and you had to work to get out of it.  I had began to get use to it after floating down it several times.  This was also the only water that was very warm.  Here's a peek of the river:

The Great Reef was a lot of fun for Bryan.  I have to say I am very pleased that Bryan was able to get prescription goggles for FREE!  No one knows how amazing that truly is unless you are a person who wears glasses and contacts aren't an option.  I was so happy for him.  He snorkeled the Great Reef.. I did not.  The water was so cold and so deep (around 25 feet).  He snorkeled with stingrays and fish.  Also he was able to snorkeled up to the glass that separated the blue sharks from the general population.  Here is a view of the Great Reef:


Stingrays in the great reef:


We did have two incidents that happened.  The river is very rough and we found out later that water shoes are actually recommended for the park.  Bryan ended up cutting his foot in several places.  That seemed okay (no bleeding, just scrapes) until he went over the Grand Reef.  He was actually tripped up by one of the larger Atlantic Stingray and he injured his foot pretty bad.  We had to go to First Aid and get his foot cleaned up and bandaged.  It didn't stop him though.  He went right back to the water.

Lunch was good.  I had the focaccia club sandwich with french fries.  Bryan had the burger with fries.  Later in the afternoon we enjoyed snacks...cookies, pretzels, and frozen daiquiris.  

Discovery Cove is a place that I highly recommend to anyone vacationing in Orlando.  It was a lot of fun and very relaxing.  We will definitely visit again!

After we left the park we went back to hotel and had dinner at the restaurant there.  I had the shrimp scampi pasta and Bryan had salmon with asparagus and rice.  We rented a movie, Poltergeist, from the kiosk then called it a night.



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