Our Move

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We returned to NC on January 25th for court on the 26th and to pack up the house.  We hired movers for the big stuff and rented a truck for all the other things.  This was without a doubt the worst move of our lives!  We were completely unprepared for a move this far.  To give a slight idea of how this move went I'll do my best to remember.  The days all began to mold together.

We arrived in NC on Sunday January 25th.  It was hard on us.  The best way to describe it was like pouring salt into a wound.  I never realized how unhappy NC made me.  We went to court on Monday January 26th.  My parents came over after court and began helping us pack.  We went over to their house that evening for dinner.  Came back to the house and rested.  Tuesday January 27th we rented a truck and the movers arrived.  The movers informed us that they would pack up our furniture and drive to Jacksonville that night.  We were so not prepared for that SO we packed up our truck as much as we could in the short time we had.  We napped then woke up VERY early and headed to Jacksonville.  We decided that this was the only opportunity we'd have to get Bryan's car to Jacksonville so I drove the truck, he drove the G, and we left the Juke in Greensboro.  The movers arrived on Wednesday afternoon January 28th and we spent all day unloading their truck then had to spend all night unloading our truck.  On Thursday January 29th we headed back to NC to get more of our things and to get the Juke inspected.  We STILL didn't get everything on the truck.  I left NC late Friday night January 30th because I HAD to work on Saturday and Sunday.  Bryan stayed in NC and finished getting things loaded with the help of my Dad and Wayne.  Bryan left early Sunday morning February 1 and arrived with the bad news that we still had to go back and get more things.  We spent all day Monday February 2nd unloading the truck.  On Tuesday February 3rd we drove back to NC.  We arrived late and ate at Uptown Charlie's.  On Wednesday February 4th my parents helped us get the rest of our things on the truck.  FINALLY, the house was empty.  Bryan and I said our emotional goodbyes to our former home, ate one last time at our favorite Mexican restaurant (Rio Grande), then left Greensboro for the last time.  Bryan returned to work on Thursday February 5th so we had to unload the truck when we could.  We finally turned it in on Saturday February 7th.  We have two storage units for our things.  Things that fit fine in 3200 square feet just isn't going to fit in 1600 square feet.  We'll decorate the condo comfortably for now.  

I can honestly say that I am glad that this move is over.  We are much happier in Florida and even more happy that we are becoming settled.


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