Six Month Anniversary

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We have officially been in Florida for six months.  It's hard to believe!  Life here is good.  The weather is awesome even though it reaches close to 100 degrees almost everyday now that June is here.  Summer officially starts here last of March, beginning of April.  We have some really rough storms and have already survived our first tornado.  That was scary.  I love living literally 10 minutes to the beach even though I don't go as much as I would like.  Honestly living near the beach is no different than living any where else.  You still have to work, keep the house clean, and run errands so there still isn't time to go like you would think. We save the beach for when we are off together.  I love the breeze off of our balcony.  I love the sounds from the frogs that live around our retention pond and all the birds, turtles, and ducks that visit on a daily basis.  Some of my afternoons off I spend at our pool which is a big plus.  I don't necessarily love living in a condo but we are making due and it has become home.  Our neighbors above us are noisy and we don't care for the whole lack of privacy where maintenance is concerned.  We are still far better off than we were in that hotel.  This building is non smoking.....thank GOD!  

Bryan started his job at the North hospital in February and so far he really likes it.  He's gotten 7 standing ovation awards for good teamwork and good customer service.  He seems to be a real asset to them.  That's nice for a change.  My job is going well.  I have worked a few nights by myself and I feel comfortable now.  I have slid into the roll of lead tech on the weekends.  That's not saying much but it makes me feel important.  

On March 9th I obtained my Florida driver's license and became an official Florida resident.  Bryan became official on April 3rd.  

At the end of March we returned to NC to finish up lawyer business.  We stayed with my parents over night.  It was nice to see them but I still hate how I feel when we return.  It makes us feel nervous and anxious.  I hope someday that feeling will go away.  

In April my Mom got real sick and wound up having surgery.  She now has a colostomy bag but the pain and infections that she was going through is no longer happening so I think she is better off. Due to not being on chemo for over a month the cancer in her liver got a little worse and her iron was very low.   Unfortunately my Mom was moved from full time to PRN which caused her to lose her insurance.  This really angered me.  It shows that no matter how many years of loyalty you give a place, it will never be loyal back.  This has put a financial strain on my parents until October when my Mom will get Medicare and Social Security.  

Tigger was diagnosed in March with stage 3 renal failure.  He has slowly declined over the last few months.  His time here on earth is limited.  We treat him like the king that he is.  He has been having what looks to be seizures or small strokes.  He has good days and bad days.  Mostly bad days.  We see him all the way to the end.

We have done a little house hunting and have managed to pick out a floor plan that we agree on.  We have talked to the company and we really like them.  We are in the process of saving money and building our credit.  It's a beautiful house with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, a bonus room, and 3 car garage, 3000 square feet.  The house has a casita which just screams Florida.  In the courtyard we want to build the optional pool.  I can't wait!  House buying is very different down here.  You build your house.  Not very many new homes on the market.  Plus CDD fees are the most insane thing that I have ever heard.  We are trying to avoid those like the plague.

My brother and his estranged wife got back to together and he is now living in Georgia with her and the girls.  I still haven't seen the girls. Amazing how no one has time for you.  Oh well.

I booked our vacation for 2015.  We are going on another cruise in October.  Also going to Orlando where we are eating at Downtown Disney, playing with dolphins at Discovery Cove, and seeing Shamu at Sea World.  I absolutely can't wait.

All in all moving here was a great decision.  I have learned a lot here.  With Bryan working during the week, I have learned to do a lot of things by myself.  I have also learned that those people back in NC who claimed to be my friend were not.  Amazing how quickly people can just forget you.  But that's okay, I know the truth and I am moving on and letting go.  I will not longer spend my energy worrying about people who don't care about me.  I am thankful for the lesson we learned in those 14 months.  I wouldn't trade them for anything.  We are better for it.    

So here's to many more months and years in Florida!    



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