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Right after Tigger died we both said we didn't need to run out and get another cat.  We needed to take time to heal.  Snickers needed time to heal.  By late that afternoon we were having completely different thoughts.  I did an internet search for breeders here or in the surrounding area and found one.  We called her and she invited us over that evening.  She had 4 week old kittens.  When we got there we met the kittens and played with them.  But another cat caught Bryan's eye.  Bryan asked about her and the lady said that she had just retired her and had her spayed.  Bryan asked was she up for adoption and she said yes.  So without much thought we took her.  She is a CFA registered Chinchilla Persian.  She is 9 years old.  She is quite feisty and unfortunately Snickers doesn't care too much for her.  Maybe that'll change more as time goes on.  We don't know much about her previous life.  We do know she's very timid at times, loves to play with feather sticks, and is definitely an alpha female.  She reminds us a lot of our Taz (waiting for us at the rainbow bridge).  We love her to pieces but we have had to exhibit lots of patience with her.  She isn't the "lap" cat that Tigger was.  I guess it rings true when we say....there will never be another Tigger.


Here is Echo:

love that little tonguelove that little tongue EchoEcho


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