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I talked to Dad during the first week of November and he told me Mom was doing really bad.  He told me that he didn't know if Mom would make it until Thanksgiving.  We had plans to come up for the week.  I decided to go up November 9-11 to see Mom and when I walked into the house I barely recognized her.  She looked so bad.  I couldn't believe how quickly she had deteriorated.  She was in a lot of pain from an end of life bed sore and her belly was so swollen from fluid the liver cancer was causing.  It was so very sad.  I met her hospice nurse and she was very nice.  She urged us to get Mom a hospital bed with a special mattress on it to make her more comfortable.  They didn't deliver that until after I left.  I was so glad that I went up for those days because Mom didn't make it until Thanksgiving.  She died on Friday November 20 around 0500.  We drove up the next day and stayed until Thanksgiving.

Here is me with my Mom.  The funeral home did such a good job.  This is exactly how she looked in life.  To me she looked as if she had done her hair, put on her makeup, forgot to take her glasses off, and laid down for a nap.  She was so pretty.

My Dad performed the services along with my cousin Daniel and Shanan sang.  Everything was beautiful.  I don't know how my Dad even managed to do it but he did.  He said no one knew her the way he did.  They had been married for nearly 45 years.  

I think this will always be one of my favorite pictures.  My 9 year old niece Trinity is watching them place Mom into the hearse.  She is my Mom's youngest grandchild.  Oh, what I hate she will miss out on.  I hope she never forgets my Mom.  

The pall bearers taking Mom into her final resting place.  

Mom's final resting place.  She is beside of my paternal grandparents whom she loved very much. 

Mom's place beside of Grannie & Daddy BillMom's place beside of Grannie & Daddy Bill

My Mom was such a special woman.  She was a nurse for so many years and spent almost her entire life taking care of others.  My Mother never saw retirement. She died 2 months after her 65th birthday.  It absolutely breaks my heart.  I hate it for us but I especially hate it for my Dad.  Life will never be the same.  

On early Wednesday afternoon Bryan and I went over to see my cousin Allison's Mom who also had cancer.  When we walked in she looked so bad.  I just broke down crying.  It was really hard to see her so soon after Mom.  They were making arrangements to move her to Hospice House so we didn't stay long.  Unfortunately she passed away that afternoon a few minutes past 4.  The viewing and funeral were exactly one week from Mom.  We were unable to attend due to having to be back in Florida.  The family has really taken a beaten this year.  

On Thanksgiving Dad cooked a good lunch.  We definitely felt the emptiness from Mom not being there but I think we made the best out of it.  We had to leave around 4 to get back to Florida.  

Sometimes it still doesn't feel real.  I know where my Mom is and I know that I will see her again someday but I hate that her life was shortened by a horrible disease.  I really wish we had more time with her.  What I have learned through this is nothing is guaranteed.  Life can change so rapidly.  I will miss her every single day of my life.....


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