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This past Tuesday I took my FX 50 in for a brake job.  I have been having this horrible sound coming from the rear.  It only happens when I am on the interstate at speeds over 60.  They can't find the problem so they suggested that it might be the rotors.  So they shaved the rotors and replaced the brake pads.  In the meantime of waiting Bryan and I went out and looked at the new 2017 Q60S.  This is the replacement for the G37.  They didn't release this car in 2016 so it's a truly brand new redesigned car.  We fell in love!  So we crunched numbers and the deal was done.  Unfortunately since the car was fresh off the boat we couldn't take it home that day.  So the next day we went back up to pick the car up.  We also noticed that the noise in my FX was NOT fixed.  It is someone else's problem now.  I was a little concerned about going from a SUV (for 12 years) to a sports car but I LOVE it!  It is so much fun.

So here's my brand new 2017 Infiniti Q60S red sport 400hp.  I pick on Bryan and tell I got my twins before him...LOL.  She's a twin turbo!  I can't drive her hard for 1450 miles because the turbos have to be broken in.  But she is already so much fun!  We named her Pepper!


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