Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

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Yesterday we went to the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens for the first time.  The weather was perfect.  It was cloudy most of the day and 72.  We saw a lot of neat animals that I can't fit into this blog post.  I'll just stick to the highlights.  

We saw elephants.

and Rhinos

Male and female lions...

Bonobos monkeys were our favorite!  This group acted just like a real human family.  It was the sweetest thing to watch.  This kiddo was spinning and fighting with it's sibling.  It was so funny!

Mom, Dad, and kid...The "Mom & Dad" were very loving toward each other.  They even would bring there heads in together as if they were discussing something.  It was quite amazing.   

It's Jacksonville so of course there will be Jaguars.  We got to watch this guy eat.


The Zoo just had a Tigger cub born a few months ago.  She isn't on display yet.  They have a tiger walk that looks like it's made from trees.  One of the tigers was sleeping up there.  It allowed us a close look.

The Asian garden was very pretty even in the winter.  I can't imagine how pretty it is in the spring.  They had several Japanese Maples, which usually cannot grow here.  They weren't the healthiest looking trees but somehow they've managed to keep them alive for now.    asian gardenasian garden

The Zoo has all kinds of birds but these guys were so pretty, Lorakeets.  If you want you can feed them.  We didn't since we had that experience at Discovery Cove a few months ago.

The barnyard goats were so cute.  Here is Bryan with the goat that is sleeping in his hay bowl.  It also snored very loudly.  It was really funny! Bryan with snoring goatBryan with snoring goat

Here is our Zoo picture together.  So glad that they do these.  It's the only way that we get pictures together. It was a fun day!  We really enjoyed it. usus



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