Bryan's LASIK Surgery & 1 Week Follow Up

June 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Bryan decided to make an appointment for a LASIK consult.  With us living in Florida now he wanted a little more freedom to do activities without having to worry about glasses.  He pretty much lives without them when we go to the pool or the beach.  We wanted to get him prescription sunglasses but became discouraged when the brand of his choice did not go high enough to cover his prescription.  So on June 21 he went in for his consult.  They did the exam and went over what to expect.  It all sounded great.  He'd be able to see immediately, healing time was short, etc.  Boy was all that a lie.  Now looking back on it I think you are suckered into it as if you were at a used car lot.  We should have known better than to think dreams are for sale. 

So Bryan gets approved for the financing and his surgery is set for June 23.  That morning he woke up having reservations about it which should have been a red flag.  Always listen to your gut instincts.  The surgery itself went fine with out any complications.  The flap was made then he was taken over to the other table for the laser to do it's work.


laser partlaser part When he came out he could actually see.  They looked at his eyes to make sure the flap looked good.  We were given 3 prescriptions to fill..... 2 antibiotics and 1 steroid.  Plus lubricating eye drops to keep his eyes moist.  He was told to go home and sleep.  He had a lot of difficulty sleeping because when the numbing drops wore off he was in a lot of pain.  He finally had to take a sleeping pill.

The next day, June 24, he went in for his 24 hour check up.  He was still in pain and so they put more numbing drops in and looked at his eyes.  Everything still looked good and he was asked to read several eye charts.  He could see 20/20 perfectly and only missed two letters on the 20/15 chart.  Even though he didn't feel good he went on the work.

He struggled at work all weekend and began to complain that he was straining to see the computer screen and his iPhone.  He felt his vision was getting worse.  He slept Monday good and when he got up he was still complaining that everything was blurry.

Tuesday, June 28, he called first thing in the morning to tell them how bad his vision was.  They told him to come in.  He was asked to read a chart and he could not see but 2 letters on the 20/20 chart.  Everything was blurry and had halos around it.  He saw 20/40 okay but it was also blurry with halos. He really could only see best 20/60. She did say that he had some intraocular swelling but his flap looked good and was completely healed. She changed his eye drops.  One of the antibiotics was discontinued.  She added restasis twice a day and a drop that reduces pupil size.  He was also told to get readers to help.  She would not give him a prescription for glasses because she felt his vision will improve.

Thursday, June 30, he called the 1-800 line to complain about his eye sight being blurry.  His doctor called him back and once again told him everything was fine and that he needed to give everything more time.  She also lied about his exam on Tuesday and said that he was seeing 20/20 and that is what she documented.  She is still refusing to prescribe glasses to help with his vision although he can't see his work computer nor can he see well driving.  She is now saying 3-6 months before he'll be able to see.  Today he took my readers to work and he says all that is doing is making blurry bigger.  Which is understandable.  He doesn't need magnifying glasses, he needs a prescription.  So we've done everything they've asked and we understand that there is a healing/stabilization rate but what is he suppose to do for the next 3-6 months?  Not see?  This is crazy.

Of course after having this done and going through all of this we have begun to do research.  Come to find out these people are scripted and trained to say all the right things.  It's a gimmick.  I know there are people who have had this surgery and have done great but it looks like Bryan is not the case.  If we could go back to last week, we would have done more research, and never let them touch his eyes.  He was better off in glasses. 

I'm going to be doing quite a bit of updates on this for the sake of documenting and maybe if some random stranger out there reads this they won't have it done.   


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