Birthday at Epcot

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For my birthday we decided to go to Disney.  I can't think of a better place to celebrate!  I wanted to spend my birthday visiting 11 countries and riding some of the most fun rides at Disney......EPCOT. 


We got there and started our day off riding our first fast pass favorite Test Track.  Oh my gosh this is so fun!  It's changed from the last time were there and it has gotten nothing but better!  Our next fast pass was Nemo & Friends.  We had about an hour so we watched The Circle of Life and Living with the Land.  Nemo & Friends was just as cute as I remembered.  Our next fast pass wasn't until 1845 so this gave us a ton of time to explore.  Let me first mention that once again the heat was almost unbearable.  It really dragged us down during the peak of the afternoon.  But we managed to fight through it.  So we spent the afternoon getting our pictures taken and walking through all of the countries.  Some of our magic shots were awesome surprises and new to us. 

Pascal from Tangled somehow ended up on Bryan's head!


We ate lunch at Nine Dragons in China.  We shared vegetable spring rolls and honey chicken.  Everything was so good and after hours in the heat it really cooled us down and hit the spot. 

Sven showed up with us in Norway.


And Jiminy just about landed on my hand.


After fun with pictures we headed over to Mexico to San Angel Inn to ride the boat ride that is inside the restaurant.  So fun!

At 1730 we needed to be back in Germany for the highlight of our day....meeting Snow White.  We have been waiting so long to meet her.  We have missed her on all of our cruises and in the parks.  This time we weren't missing her.  She was so nice!  She told me that we cannot eat any red apples but the ones with caramel were okay to eat. 


Chip showed up in one of our pictures in France.


Our next fast pass ride was Mission Space.  I was actually a little nervous even though I have ridden it before.  We chose the extreme side again.  It was a little crazy but I did fine.  Bryan wanted to do Test Track one more time since our first picture turned out bad.  So it was still a very long wait in the regular line.  They had a single rider line that was only 20 minutes.  I was all for it even though we might not end up riding together.  Luck had it we ended up in the same car and this picture is much better!

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We ended up getting two more rides in before dinner Spaceship Earth and Soarin'.  Soarin' has also changed since our last visit.  We really enjoyed it!

Dinner was at 2040 at Teppan Edo.  We have eaten there before.  The food was so good.  We shared sushi (California rolls) and we both got steak and shrimp.  Our chef was awesome and really went all out.  He made a Mickey made out of onion and had me pose with him.  Bryan got to too!


I was also given a piece of cake since it was my birthday.  I was pleasantly surprised.


After dinner we called it and night and bye for now to Epcot.  What a fun day!


We didn't get to ride Frozen while we were there which was so disappointing but I had waited too long to book our fast passes and they were all gone.  Also the line was 2 hours long every time we checked.  The only time that it dropped down to 90 minutes was when it was time for us eat.  We are going back in November so I'm thinking that we will surely be able to ride it then. 



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