Vacation 2016- Day Two

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We started off day two at Universal Studios. . 

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As part of our package with an onsite hotel we had unlimited express passes.  So we headed straight for the rides.  We rode Shrek 4D and Despicable Me as soon as we walked in. Then we headed over to Transformers. So fun!

We had to stop and get our picture taken with Jaws.  Oh how I miss this ride but I am so glad that they kept this icon.

us & Jawsus & Jaws

We headed next to ride The Simpsons and Men In Black. 

Next was Harry Potter Diagon Alley.  We have only ever seen the first Harry Potter movie, own them all, just haven't sat down to actually watch them.  We really enjoyed seeing everyone really get into this section of the park.  People were dressed up and had wands.  It was so cool.  The dragon actually blows fire but unfortunately we didn't see her do it.  We rode Escape from Gringotts and it was AWESOME!  I really hate that I didn't take at least my phone into the wait lines.  The props were amazing.  I placed all of our stuff into a locker as they advised not to have anything lose in your pockets.  I should have done it anyway.

After Diagon Alley we ate lunch at Monster Café.  We ordered a hotdog and hamburger.  It was just typical park food and I was not really fond of my hotdog.  Bryan said his burger was so so.

After lunch we had our picture taken with the Transformers Megatron, Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee.  This was so much fun and everyone knows that I have a crush on Bumblebee despite the fact that he's a yucky Chevrolet.  It's his personality.  He was so fun to meet and he played music during the meet and greet.  It was definitely a highlight. 

After meeting the Transformers we headed over to ride Revenge of the Mummy.  Oh my was this one of my favorites!

We did a little shopping in the Halloween Horror Nights store then caught the afternoon parade...Superstar Parade.

So our next ride was the much anticipated Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket.  Bryan had actually stated several times that he wasn't going to ride it.  It's quite intimidating as it takes you straight up on your back.  When we got up to the platform we loaded in and then was asked to get off.  Someone had already thrown up.  That was not a good impression.  Back on we had to pick our song and I chose Rollin by Limp Biscuit.  What a fun song for a fun ride!  This turned out to be our absolute favorite!  We actually rode it twice back to back. 

riding Rip Ride Rockitriding Rip Ride Rockit

We had to leave the park a little early for our dinner reservations and to get ready for Horror Nights. We purchased RIP passes so we had to meet at a certain time.  Dinner tonight was NBC Sports Grill.  This was part of our dining plan so we both got filet mignon with asparagus and mashed potatoes.  Everything was cooked perfectly.

filet mignonfilet mignon

For dessert we were given a brookie with ice cream and strawberries.  So good!

brookie and ice creambrookie and ice cream

Halloween Horror Nights was amazing and I couldn't think of a more appropriate place to be on Halloween night!  We are so glad that we got the RIP passes.  We were in a small group of 12 and we had our own private tour guide.  We waited in no lines and saw all 7 houses in one night.  Definitely worth the money!  The only thing we didn't care for was the Bill and Teds show.  It was a little trashy for us. 

The houses consisted of:

American Horror Story

Tomb of the Ancients

The Exorcist

Ghost Town: The Curse of Lightning Gulch

Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


The Walking Dead

Lunatics Playground 3D: You Won't Stand a Chance


After our tour ended we were able to go on our own so we checked out all of the scare zones.  The scare zones were

Vamp '55

Dead Man's Wharf

Survive or Die Apocalypse

Lair of the Banshee

A Chance in Hell


Here's Bryan and I posing with one of the props from Vamp '55.

Bryan got to pose with Chance at the A Chance in Hell scare zone. She was pretty funny!

Survive or Die scare zone

I would have to say our first experience with Horror Nights was really good.  Several of the rides were open and we rode Mummy and Transformers again.  We would definitely do this again!  Best Halloween ever!!  After closing down the place we headed back to the hotel.


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