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Another New Adventure

May 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I really wanted to title this God is good when you have faith.  But that's too long! Because of God's grace and our willingness to rely on Him we are facing yet another Florida adventure.  Bryan and I have really had a rough time with this separation.  I was hoping to find a job quickly so we could start a life in the Tampa area and move on.  That just seemed to never happen.  I applied to what was available then all of sudden the job board dried up. 

On one of my many trips from Land O Lakes back to Jacksonville Bryan informed me that he jokingly applied for a 3D imaging job with Florida Hospital Orlando.  He told me that he'd never get it in a million years but he thought he'd just apply for it anyway.  I agreed that it never hurt.  Well amazingly enough they called him for a telephone interview.  It went well.  They next called him for references so we had to scramble around and get people to do an online survey for him.  Then they called him for an in house interview.  He drove to Orlando on Saturday April 22 for his interview.  He called me on his way back to Tampa and said that he thought it had gone very well. 

We didn't hear back from them and things were really bad.  Bryan was having a hard time with his job.  They were a very busy hospital with no intentions of getting any help.  He was wearing down mentally and honestly so was I.  So after talking to my Dad and going over our finances, we decided that it was time for Bryan to stop working.  I called him and told him that we would get a cheaper apartment and that he could just come home.  We all agreed it was for the best. 

So he put in his notice on Wednesday the 26th and on the way home from work Florida Hospital called to offer him the job.  We couldn't believe it.  We had decided to surrender everything and to just live very minimally on my salary.  Not trying to analyze it too much but I think God was saying...what are you willing to sacrifice?  My marriage is first and foremost in my life.  No one or nothing comes before Bryan.  Every decision that we make is for the better of us and our lives.  I was not going to live separate from him anymore no matter what.  So Bryan went ahead and quit his job there and didn't work out the notice.  He decided to come home and spend 3 weeks with me before its off to Orlando.  I am so proud of him.  This job will be amazing.  It's an office job reconstructing CT and MRI for all of the east hospitals.  It involves no patient care, no ER, no physical wear!  It's all computer work.  And the best part....day shift!  No more nights!  He's a little nervous but I think he'll do fine.  After all this is God's doing.



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