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We had to be out of our apartment in Jacksonville by July 3.  We started moving on Saturday June 24 and it did not go as planned.  The movers came as scheduled and moved the little bit of furniture that we had left to storage.  We were not as happy with them this go around as we were the first time.  They seemed in a hurry and not as careful.  Then expected a tip....how about NO!  When the movers left we accessed our storage units situation and felt like we were going to need another one.  We have way too much stuff but we will own a home again and I don't want to get rid of anything until we purchase our house.  Talking to the storage manager she offered us a larger unit which we took.  So instead of using our first day to actually move, we had to move storage units.  We did manage to combine both of our units into one...

combined our two storage units into onecombined our two storage units into one

After getting all of this done which took about 14 hours, we started on getting everything else in our apartment moved.  We rented our own truck on Monday and had to make a couple of trips and keep it a couple of extra days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).  We were so tired!  I often don't know how we survive some of these days.  We moved with absolutely no help except what the movers helped with.  

The next weekend, Saturday July 1 was getting the G back running and on the road.  That took ALL day.  We finally got her rims on, suspension adjusted, and went to crank her and she was dead.  Unfortunately Bryan had to go back to work so we just had to leave her until Tuesday.  I went back to Jacksonville on Sunday and purchased a battery for the car, got yet another small storage unit for Bryan's car parts, changed the car battery, and moved things over to the storage unit.  I FINALLY got everything done and did a little apartment cleaning.  

On July 4th we got up early and drove to Jacksonville to bring the G home.  She ran fine and made it to Orlando safely. Even with an illegal license plate!

Whew!  What a week!  I am so glad that is over.  Now it's time to get settled into our jobs and work on buying that house!



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