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Dad's Wedding

September 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This past weekend my Dad got married!  That is still hard to believe.  I have been supportive of my Dad remarrying since day one.  When my Mom died my Dad became very depressed.  I prayed that he would find someone and be happy.

I rented a car and drove to NC late Thursday night after Bryan left for work.  I didn't start getting unbearably sleepy until Friday morning around 0500.  I was in Bennettsville, SC and went to the drive thru at McDonalds.  I got a coffee and biscuit and that seemed to wake me up.  I got to Dad's around 0800.  Bailey and Hanna, my niece and great niece, flew in from Colorado the day before.  So they were there when I got there.  It was so good to see Bailey and meet Hanna.  She is absolutely precious.  I ended up staying up over 24 hours.  Andria and Ellie (my niece and great niece) drove in from Alabama.  Ellie is so cute but boy does that child not like me.  I thought maybe by the end of the weekend she would warm up to me.  She didn't.  Oh well.  Chuck, Erin, Trinity, and Zoe (my brother, his wife, and my two nieces) drove in from Georgia.  We had a full house.  I guess it's a good thing Dad has a large house.

I made the cupcakes for the wedding and Erin decorated them.  Rehearsal at the church was that evening and it lasted about an hour.  After the rehearsal Dad sent me to Little Cesars for pizza and Chuck to the Circle Drive In for hotdogs.  Oh my goodness, their hotdogs are so good.  It has been years since I have had Circle Drive In.    

Saturday was the wedding.  It was a short but sweet ceremony.  I actually didn't cry.  I was surprised.  Dad asked me to the be the photographer.  I usually don't like to do people or a special occasion like that but I told him I would.  I am no professional and don't have photoshop or whatever but I think they turned out good.  I do have a nice DSLR camera though.

Here is Margaret and Dad. 

Version 2Version 2

Here is me, Dad, and Chuck.

Here is Dad with all of his granddaughters.  Andria, Trinity, Dad, Zoe, Bailey

The reception was nice and the food and cake was really good.  Here is Dad & Margaret cutting the cake.

My two great nieces Hanna and Ellie.  This picture was taken right before Ellie pushed Hanna off the stool and down two steps.  I have never seen Bailey move so fast to catch her in my life.  Thankfully she wasn't hurt.

After the wedding Dad went over to Margaret's house and left us on our own.  So we all went as a group (including my cousin Allison) to El Parrel the Mexican restaurant.  That place was always a favorite of ours when we lived in Eden.  We got back to Dad's and all talked for a while before bed.

On Sunday everybody left but me, Bailey, and Hanna.  So we were on our own.  Dad had cooked a lot and had left overs but Bailey wanted Mcdonalds  so we went there after everyone left.  We talked the evening away and Allison came over and joined us.

On Monday Dad left for his honeymoon and Bailey's flight was leaving that day.  Before Dad left he gave me Mom's engagement ring.  I had been wanting it but Dad wouldn't give it me.  That was a nice surprise.

We closed up Dad's house and left for Greensboro.  We ate lunch at Applebees then I dropped them off at the airport for their flight back to Colorado.  I headed on back to Florida and got home around midnight.  

This weekend was so fun.  I love being around family.  It was so good to see every one.


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