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February 2018

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February started off with the decision to get annual passes to SeaWorld!  They were running a special that included Aquatica free for one year.  We missed that water park when we vacationed with SeaWorld in 2015.  So we are really looking forward to going when the weather stabilizes.  We are already getting into the 80s during the day so I think by next month it'll be okay to go.  Next we are hoping to get Universal annual passes.  I figure if we get all of these annual passes it'll free up Disney Cruising every year or a trip to Disneyland or Las Vegas or wherever else we want to go.  :o)

Our first date day of February was Animal Kingdom.  We had a really fun day.  We met Pocahontas.

We did a few magic shots.

We split a chicken bowl at Sa'tuli and shared a night blossom.  We rode Primeval Whirl, Na'vi River Journey, and Expedition Everest twice.  We had fast passes to River of Light.  We were third row from the front and had an excellent view.  I managed to record the whole thing.  It was a great show!  We really enjoyed it.  

After the show the park was closing in about 20 minutes but we really wanted to ride Everest at night.  We had heard it was amazing after dark.  And boy was it!  It felt like a completely different ride.  They didn't add any lights to the track outside.  It was awesome! After we left the park we headed over to Disney Springs.  We ate dinner at Blaze Pizza.  We had a BOGO coupon.  We each got our own pizza and it was so good!  Bryan said he thinks we found a new fav!  

Bryan enjoying his pizzaBryan enjoying his pizza I also picked up my Star Wars annual passholder shirt that was released for Galaxy's Edge.  It's a really pretty shirt.

Sunday the 11th we were invited by one of Bryan's co workers to get together at The Firkin & Kegler Family Entertainment Center for bowling.  We were celebrating his graduation from X-ray school.  It ended up being Bryan, me, and 3 of his co workers.  We really had a good time.  We bowled 2 games and of course I came in last.

Valentines Day ended up being really fun.  We went to SeaWorld to pick up our annual passes.  


The park was not busy at all.  We rode Manta three times back to back with no wait.  We walked around the park.  We saw the dolphins, manatee, sharks.  We rode Empire of the Penguin and then saw the penguins.  It is so cold in there.  

We got to see the newest coaster Mako but didn't get to ride it.  We got to the park kind of late so we only had a few hours.  Before we left we bought two caramel apples to enjoy.  All in all we really had a good time and I think we are going to really enjoy our passes there.  For dinner went over to Red Robin to use a gift card.  After dinner we came home and started American Horror Story Asylum.  We had finished first season and it was so good.

Valentine's Day also coincided with Ash Wednesday which is the beginning of Lent.  I decided to give up Facebook.  I have not participated in Lent since college but I felt a pull to do it this year.  I feel like I have a very unhealthy addiction to it and needed to break away.  I am one of these people who checks in at every restaurant, place, etc.  I know Facebook is each individual person's own thing and you can post whatever you want but I feel like I was being too open.  I feel like I have a few IRL friends on there but for the most part the others are just people I use to know.  They don't need to know everything that I am doing.  So we'll see how this goes for the next month and a half.  Honestly I doubt anyone will even notice that I have disappeared.

Disney finally announced that tickets were on sale for Star Wars Galactic Nights at Hollywood Studios.  I purchased tickets and I am so excited.  I can't wait to see all of the characters and shows.  

Our next Tuesday date day we went to Hollywood Studios.  It was such a good day.  We got some really neat photo ops.  We finally had our picture taken with a Stormtrooper. 

Version 2Version 2 He really liked my shirt and thanked me for supporting the first order!  We also had our picture taken with Kylo Ren and BB8.  BB8 did not like my shirt!

We rode Star Tours and Aerosmith Rock n Roller Coaster.  We saw the preview for A Wrinkle in Time which looks really good also got to see the Oscar that is on display.  We enjoyed a Starbucks.  We walked around Toy Story to see the progress but they have it behind a pretty secure wall.  We made our way around to where Galaxy's Edge will be and surprisingly they were taking pictures and the entrance is up.

I know it will be insanely busy but can't wait for this part of the park to open.

One thing I am really proud of myself on is that I conquered my fear of Tower of Terror.  And I finally got a smiling picture!  I don't know if I am just getting use to it but this time it was fun.  I got tickled that my bag kept trying to fly up and I think that calmed my nerves.  Anyhow when we got off we rode it again!

After we left HS we had dinner at Olive Garden.  HS isn't one of our favorite parks to eat in so we try to go elsewhere.

The last week of the month we did a little more running around that we usually do.  On Monday we went to Sanford to the mall.  We ended up finding a wine store there and the sales lady did a tasting with us.  We found some really good fruit wines.  We ended up with 6 bottles.

On Tuesday I had a department meeting for work.  I have always felt good about where I work but after this meeting I don't feel that way much anymore.  Some things were said during the meeting that were directed straight towards me and I felt almost attacked.  I am not saying that I cannot accept constructed criticism but being told if you can't do this this or this then you don't need to be here seems a little threatening to me.  I will give it some time and if I still don't feel good I'll start looking for another job.  I took Bryan with me to the meeting but he stayed down the hall and they weren't very welcoming to him either.  I was quite shocked because I have always felt that they liked me.  Maybe they really don't....hmmmm.  That all kind of set the tone for the rest of the night.  I had some anxiety.

On Wednesday Bryan had a doctors appointment with his new doctor.  We really like her.  She ordered his labs and an ultrasound to see if his thyroid is still some active.  That could be contributing to his fluctuating levels.  Hopefully he can get that done next week.  After his appointment we spent the evening at the International Outlet.  They have a store there called Disney Warehouse.  It is basically a parks/cruise line outlet.  I picked up quite a few things.  Some Food & Wine souvenirs that were dirt cheap, shirts, photo frame, a snow white Dooney.  I was very happy with all of my purchases and how inexpensive everything was. Definitely need to visit there again.

That's it for February.  It is so hard to believe that March is already here!










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