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June 2018

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Wow!  I cannot believe that it is already June and half the year is over.  It is crazy how fast time flies by.  

Our first Tuesday date night was to the movies!  We decided to drive over to Altamonte Springs and try their theater at the mall.  We shopped a little and I found a really cute Minnie Mouse blouse at The Lunchbox.  We ate dinner at Season's 52.  We had a coupon for a free flat bread appetizer.  We ordered the Garlic Pesto Chicken and it was delicious!  Both of us ordered the Shrimp and Grits and as always we were so pleased.  It is one of our favorite things on their menu.  We had 2225 tickets to see Deadpool 2.  The theater was not recliner seating but still comfortable.  It was also not as packed as the Orlando theaters seem to be.  We really enjoyed the movie.  I think it might have been better than the first one.  We definitely laughed a lot.  

Deadpool 2 posterDeadpool 2 poster

The second week of June we did not have a date night.  I had a department meeting that I had to attend.  After the meeting I picked up sandwiches from Which Wich.  We also started Bones Season 1.  Also this week I booked our Halloween Horror Nights tickets at Universal Studios.  This is one of our favorite events.  We are doing the RIP tour like usual.  This year we managed to get Halloween night.  There will be 10 houses this year!  

On Father's Day I called my Dad while I was driving home from work.  He was getting ready for church so we didn't talk long.  The kitties got Bryan a card and a Burger King gift card.  The BK gift card is an inside joke.  Echo loves Whoppers....LOL.  We went to Lowes and Home Depot and I picked up some plants for our porch. We ended up getting some Coleus, a schefflera, and a bird of paradise.  

I got those potted and it looks nice.  I enjoy gardening and have really missed having some plants.     

On the 19th we went to Magic Kingdom for Incredible Summer.  We went a little earlier than we usually do and it was entirely too hot for us.  We did enjoy the Incredibles at Tomorrowland.

There were four backdrops for pictures and a special magic shot.  

We also saw a little of the show but it was just too hot to stand in the direct sunlight.  

We rested at Pinocchio Haus for a drink.  We rode the Peoplemover which helped cool us down. For the first time we saw the Flag Retrieve ceremony which was really neat.  

I found the millennial pink ears.....yay!!  

millennial pink earsmillennial pink ears We had our picture taken with Magician Mickey!  

We left early at around 6 and headed to dinner.  By this time we were just so dehydrated and hot that we couldn't take anymore.  We ate dinner at Cracker Barrel.  Bryan and I both ordered the country fried shrimp with slaw, hash brown casserole, and a side salad.  Everything was really good.  

The last week of June we did not have a date night.  Bryan actually had to work overtime on Monday and that just messed up our schedule all together.  I ended up sleeping late Tuesday and Bryan actually slept the whole night.  Sometimes third shift is not a fun schedule to have. A while back we had talked about going to Disney's Vero Beach resort as a pre-cruise stay in January.  It puts up closer to Miami and it's a Disney resort, no other excuse needed.  They opened up the reservations the same day that they opened up WDW reservations for 2019.  I waited until Monday to make the reservations and much to my dismay there wasn't anything available.  I was heartbroken.  I happened to wake up from a nap on Tuesday morning and checked and one was available.  I went ahead and booked it!  I am so excited!  I cannot wait to stay at our first deluxe resort.  The resort looks beautiful!

Staying on track for our future house buying endeavors, we paid off two more credit cards this month.  7 bills down/ 11 to go!  I have been very good at staying away from The Loft....LOL.  Now if I could just get Bryan to stay away from Ebay....LOL.

That's it for June!  July should be a fun packed month!




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