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May 2018

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The first Tuesday of the month we went over to Animal Kingdom for the 20th anniversary.  Party for the Planet is going on until May 5th.  They had several photo ops that we took part in. 20th anniversary photo op20th anniversary photo op The first thing we did when we got there was take the train over to Rafiki's Planet.  We really wanted to get a magic shot with Pua in it but no such luck.  The roaming photographer had already gone.  We did however meet Rafiki!  He was so cool!  He thought my shirt should have had his name on it instead of Mickey...:o). 

We spent a little time over there and petted the animals. 

After that we headed over to see Up the new bird show.  We were able to score a magic shot with Kevin!

The show was good.  I had read some negative reviews but we really enjoyed it and thought it was really cute.  One of the birds that is in training decided to completely leave the theater.  It was really funny the way they handled it.  She just kept right on talking about the training of the new birds.  We thought it was funny that she flew right on out.  They gave us word that she had returned.  We also thought it was cute that the parrot that comes out and sings and talks became very focused on a plane that was flying over.  She kept her eye on that big metal bird...LOL. 

After the show we had fastpasses to Expedition Everest.  That is always fun!  We had originally decided to leave the park early and eat dinner elsewhere but Animal Kingdom has one of our favorite quick service restaurants so we ate at Satu'li.  We both got the chicken bowl.  So good!  We did some shopping.  I got the topiary Mickey head for my bracelet and a 20th anniversary pin.

  new pinnew pin

We stayed until dark hoping to get another magic shot we needed but that didn't work out either.  We were kind of disappointed with the magic shots.  We were also told one of our shots was going to be Hei Hei...that was a no go too.  Oh well we'll try again some other time.  After we left the park we headed over to the International Outlet.  We are so fortunate that our outlets stay open until 2300.  We have a Disney Warehouse store that sells park stuff very cheap.  I forgot to mention last month that we had went over to the one at Vineland Outlet.  I picked up a Minnie shirt, Disney Cruise shirt, we each got a pirates shirt for the cruise, 45th anniversary Magic Kingdom pin, Minnie pin from Shanghai grand opening.  I mentioned the Magic Kingdom pin to my friend Mary and she loved it so we went over to the other one because Bryan's pirate shirt ended up being too small so he wanted to get another size.  Unfortunately they didn't have a bigger size so he just returned it.  I picked up a Minnie sweater, the matching Mickey Shanghai pin, and I got Mary a 45th pin.  I mailed her a Castaway Cay pin last month to welcome her to the Castaway Club!  So I knew she wanted that castle pin.  I also got her a special map of Animal Kingdom to mail to her.  She is a big collector of the pins just like me.

The second Tuesday of the month we decided to go see Avengers Infinity War.   Avengers-BryanAvengers-Bryan Avengers-meAvengers-me We decided to try a different theater.  We miss the theater we always went to in Jacksonville.  It was never busy and it had the loungers.  We chose a theater on I-Drive.  We used our AT&T Thanks and plus they were already discounted tickets through the theater.  So our total for the movie was $7.  The seats were very comfortable but the theater was packed.  The people around us talked pretty much through the whole movie.  The girl on my side didn't even know who half the characters were and kept asking the guy she was with.  I was so annoyed.  If you don't know the characters either have a marathon before you come or just stay home.  The movie was great and I honestly can't wait to watch it from the comforts of my own home.  I think what we are running into is that since Orlando is such a vacation destination we are dealing with vacationers. So I think we'll try a theater outside of Orlando next time.

I had an eye doctors appointment on the 15th so no date day.  The eye doctor was nice but come to find out I have been messing my eyes up by wearing my contacts for too long.  I use the 2 week contacts but had been making them last a month.  This has caused a little vasculature in my eyes which is not good.  I also am not bad enough for bifocals so she is having me continue using my readers.  She switched my contacts to dailies.  I had to leave my glasses with them which was pure torture.  I don't wear my contacts at home.  My glasses are much more comfortable.  It took 2 weeks to get them back.  After my appointment we picked up Black Panther on DVD from Target and got take out from Panda Express.  We had an at home movie night.  We watched Annabelle.  

The following Tuesday was dentist day and it was a disaster!  I think all of the dentists down here are dishonest.  Basically this office refused to clean our teeth because they wanted us to pay out of pocket ($800) for deep cleans.  They claimed Bryan has gingivitis which I highly doubt since his gums don't even bleed.  I've had the deep clean done in the past and I'm not doing it again.  So we left without anything but dental x-rays.  I guess we'll continue to look for a dentist.  After the dentist we headed to Hollywood Studios to pick up our passholder magnet.  It's a Donald magnet and I love it.

 Our growing collection!

We didn't stay very long but we did check out the Toy Story area and saw the trailer to Incredibles 2 at Walt Disney Presents.  That is going to be a great movie!

We also rode Star Tours and went down to Galaxy's Edge to see if we could see anything.  Still nothing to see.

 When we got home I made dinner nachos and they were so good.  Too much but so good!

The 27th was Star Wars Galactic Nights and that deserves a post of its own so stay tuned for that!

That's pretty much it for May.  Can't believe that June is here already! 



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