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Star Wars Galactic Nights 2018

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Star Wars Galactic Nights was held on Sunday May 27.  We purchased tickets back in February and had really been anticipating this event.  We thought at first the weather wasn't going to be kind to us but it turned out to be nice and it wasn't too terribly hot.  Disney allows those with this ticketed event to enter the park at 1600.  Of course with us being passholders we could have spent all day there.  But you can't pick up your lanyard until 1600.  Because we had to work the night before we got there around 1730.  Let me also say that I did not do much research on this and so we pretty much just played it by ear.  We made some mistakes but we still had a ton of fun and would not hesitate to do this again next year.  Our first mistake was not taking the night before off of work and arriving at the park 1.5 hours later than allowed.  This 1.5 hours would have been such a benefit to us.  I'll explain this later.

When we got to Hollywood Studios they had a photo op before going through security.  It was two backdrops with scenes then a backdrop that kind of reminded me of the Emmy's or some Hollywood event with Galactic Nights written all over it.

After going through security we were directed to an area off to the side where they were giving out the lanyards and event booklet.  The lanyards were how the CMs knew that you were there for the event.  They had to be worn at all times.  Much to Bryan's dismay.  He hates lanyards and wasn't pleased with the HUGE card hanging from them.  I wore his lanyard most of the night.  The event booklet explained where all of the photos ops were, rides that were open, special food, show schedule, and special talks.  The HUGE lanyard card was a fun scavenger photo hunt that we participated in and this is where that 1.5 extra hours would have been beneficial.  We over heard one person say that they had completed the scavenger hunt prior to the event even starting because they had gotten there right at 1600.  Lesson learned.  The scavenger hunt consisted of going to each of the photo backdrops and getting a sticker that went on the back of the card.  Some people put their stickers on right then but we saved ours and put them on after we got home.  I wanted them straight and perfect. 

The scavenger hunt back drops were as follows.

Ahch-To: Luke's Hut:

Death Star: Emperor's Throne Room:


Jedha: U-wing and K-2SO

Malachor: Sith Temple- Seventh Sister:

Jakku: Luggabeast:

Tatooine: Jundland Wastes- Tuscan Raiders:

Tatooine: Rancor: 

And this is our finished lanyard card:

The character meet and greets was another huge thing for us.  We were determined to meet all of the characters.  Some of these lines were very long and this is where getting those backdrops done early would have helped.  We missed the fireworks finale because we were in line for Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma.  However we were told that the fireworks finale was identical to what they put on every night at Hollywood Studios with the exception that they added excerpts from Solo.  Meeting Captain Phasma was a big deal because she is not a normal character meet and greet.  We also met Rey with Chewbacca and that was huge for us too.  Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma was a 1 hour wait.  Chewie and Rey was 45 minutes.  The other characters weren't as bad. 

The characters we met were.

Darth Vader:


Chewbacca and Rey

Kylo Ren & Captain Phasma:

We rode three rides; Star Tours, Tower of Terror, and Aerosmith's Rock 'n Roller Coaster.  Star Tours was really nice because for the first we rode front row center.  Bryan really loved it.  We also had a fairly empty ride and everyone was quiet.  That seems to be a rare thing for us lately.  Tower of Terror was fun.  I lost control of my bag and our drink flew out and was rolling along the floor.  Although I was humiliated it got everyone laughing.  That ride was also fairly empty.  Aerosmith's was transformed into Star Wars theme and it was awesome.  The track was pitch black with the exception of star wars theme things projected on the walls of the ride.  We also didn't wait long to ride it...about 20 minutes. 


The projection show Galactic Destinations on the Tower of Terror was really neat.  There were 4 different scenes lasting about 2-3 minutes each.  It was done exactly like the Christmas projection.  A short clip on the billboard then a clip on the ToT itself.  I managed to get them all videoed and while I was doing that Bryan went and rode ToT again.  I think he enjoyed it more without me and my bag drama...LOL!

Another fun thing we did was meet the Ewoks.  This was not a line thing.  This was a get in there and get your picture with your phone.  I am usually not thrilled with this style of getting a picture but I was determined.  Bryan wasn't into it so he just took my picture.  They were kind of wild and crazy and I felt like a stalker....LOL.  Another "roaming" character we met was the Jawas.  Bryan had his picture taken with them.  They did not like Bryan's Stormtrooper shirt...LOL.  We saw the AWR Troopers but they were heading out to patrol so no pictures with them just of them.  We also saw the droids.  This was FUN!  We saw different astromech droids including R2-D2.  They stopped right in front of you and allowed you to pose with them.  We also saw MSE-6 mouse droids.  It was like living your childhood.  I mean come on what Star Wars fan doesn't want to be surrounded by the droids from the movies.  Only thing missing was C3-PO.

The only show we managed to catch was the end of The Imperial March but unlike on a typical day at Hollywood Studios it was led by Darth Vader instead of Kylo Ren and we were so close that our video turned out so good! 

As for souvenirs I bought the Galactic Nights pin and Black Spire lanyard and pin.  I wanted the shirt but unfortunately I waited until the end of the night and it had sold out.  Another lesson learned...buy your souvenirs as soon as you get there.  By the way, Black Spire will be the name of the outpost in Galaxy's Edge.  This lanyard and pin was limited to 3000.

So getting back to that time thing.  We did not get to catch any of the panel talks and we did not eat a single thing while we were there.  We honestly felt like there just wasn't enough time.  I hate that we missed the panel talk because we found out later that Jabba the Hutt made an appearance and there was a photo op with him.  I think now that we have gotten our feet wet we'll do better next year with time management.  We did tell a CM that we felt midnight was too early for a ticketed event and reminded them that Universal's Halloween Horror Nights lasts until 0200.  Hopefully she'll pass it along and Disney will listen. 

All in all I truly have no complaints about the event itself.  It was a magnificent event and we will not hesitate to do it again next year.  Before leaving the park we were given a souvenir poster and cards. 

After leaving the park we headed to Steak n Shake.  I think lots of other Galactic Night folks had the same idea.... :o)

May the Force be with you!    




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